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Nutrition Services

Need a hand with this whole nutrition thing? Here's how I can help.

Note: As of May 2023, I proudly offer equitable, pay-what-supports-you pricing options for out-of-pocket services that include 1:1 support. If my usual rate is not financially feasible for you due to limited income or other financial hardship, I am happy to discuss your situation and review alternative pricing options, so you can access the dietary support & guidance you need. More about how this works here.

The Kidney Vitality Method 3-Month Program

What it is: A unique-to-you nutrition plan, in-depth education, and the support and tools you need to feel more energized, choose your foods with confidence, and slow the progression of kidney disease with a plant forward diet. You’ll receive weekly hands-on coaching & personalized action steps from Kate, board certified kidney dietitian.

Who it’s for: CKD warriors who are serious about leveling up their nutrition game with customized guidance, support, and accountability. Must be ready and excited to commit to at least 3 months of working with Kate on your nutrition goals!

Cost: Begins at one-time payment of $1206.90 or three monthly payments of $447.00/month.

Equitable pricing options available on an as-needed basis. More info here.

Nutrition Strategy Intensive (Single Session)

What it is: Work collaboratively with a renal dietitian to review your health, history, and goals, then formulate a plan with simple action steps to implement ASAP. Includes a sample custom 7-day meal plan. Option for follow-up calls.

Who it’s for: Ideal for patients wanting a personalized plan to manage kidney disease, post-transplant, kidney stones, kidney cancer, or other needs, with the option for follow-up sessions as needed.

Initial Nutrition Strategy Intensive (75 minutes): $247.00
Nutrition Strategy Follow-Up (30 minutes):

Equitable pricing options available on an as-needed basis. More info here.

Kidney Nutrition Foundations Self-Paced Course

What it is: A 4-week self-paced educational course designed for the person who’s either new to kidney disease, or, ready to finally get clear on how to eat right for CKD. Topics include how the kidneys work, overview of the most important nutrients for kidney health, the role of plant foods in slowing kidney disease progression, and meal planning.

Who it’s for: Ideal for those diagnosed with CKD who would like to get a handle on core principles of kidney nutrition, but not looking for personalized coaching & guidance. Best for motivated folks who are ready to start right now!

Cost: One time payment of $395.00 or two payments of $197.50.

Medical Nutrition Therapy for Medicare Patients

What it is: Single session nutrition counseling services covered by your regular Medicare Part B benefits (does NOT include Medicare Advantage plans).

Who it’s for: Patients with regular Medicare who have been diagnosed with either diabetes, non-dialysis kidney disease stages 3a-5, or are within 36 months post-kidney transplant.

Cost: Covered 100% by your Original Medicare plan

Custom Weekly Meal Plans

What it is: Personalized meal plans sent to you each week via an interactive meal planning platform that provides tasty, nutritionally balanced meals tailored to your health goals, lifestyle, and taste preferences.

Who it’s for: Best for people who say “just tell me what to do, and I’ll do it” – in other words, you love getting specific directions that you can put into action right away.

Cost: One-time payment of $199.00 or three monthly payments of $75.00