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dining out with CKD interior pages

Tired of feeling lost when going out to eat? I gotchu!

My Guide To Dining Out breaks down my favorite tips for dining out success with kidney disease – and NO, you don’t have to avoid restaurant dining altogether! You just need to go in with a plan.

Dining out is about more than just the food – often you’re making memories and spending precious hours with family and friends – and you shouldn’t have to turn down brunch or dinner invitations for fear of having no kidney-friendly options.

This guide starts out with 5 Essential Dining Out Strategies to help you navigate restaurant dining, no matter what type of restaurant you’re at.

Next, I’ve compiled 15+ pages of the best kidney-friendly options – meaning plant-focused, lower sodium, and higher fiber – for various types of restaurants, including Mexican, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Italian, pizza parlor, burger bar, fast foods, and more.

This guide is available for instant download. Get it now!

interior pages of kidney health habit tracker

A lot of improving your health comes down to improving your habits.

Clients in my 3-Month Nutrition Program always complete some form of tracking, which helps with accountability, as well as being a simple way to monitor progress! It’s part of why my clients are so successful!

You can get on track for better health too with this Kidney Health Habit Tracking Journal. Use it to track meals, medications, hydration, and more with ease.

In this quarterly journal, designed specifically for people with kidney disease, you can track and improve your habits over 90 days.

Using guided prompts, you’ll reflect on your current state of being at the start of each week, plan for the week ahead, and set goals you plan to achieve. At the end of the week you’ll be able to look back & reflect on successes + set ongoing goals.

This journal is 124 pages long, and it is available in paperback or hardcover form. Snag your journal below.

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