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For Dietitians


for Dietitians

Case Consults & Mentoring

Confused about the best dietary approaches for your patient with chronic kidney disease? Or perhaps just looking for an overview of the latest kidney nutrition guidelines from a Board Certified Renal Specialist? I can help!

Before I became the expert renal RD you see today, I was a general dietitian working in a hospital – and if I’m being honest, I don’t think anything scared me more than a dietary consult for a patient with CKD or ESRD! What immediately came to mind was these long lists of “foods to avoid” – and if it was overwhelming to me, the professional, how could I possibly feel confident teaching it to a patient?

So, here’s the service I wish I had access to back in the day! I’m pleased to offer case consults & mentoring, to help you discover the best approaches for your patient(s) with kidney disease. No matter your primary area of expertise — weight loss, intuitive eating, diabetes management, or sports nutrition, just to name a few! — if your patient also has CKD, you’ve gotta factor that into your plan.

Show up with your case study and leave with several action items you should incorporate into your patient’s nutrition plan.

For Private Practice Dietitians

When I started my private practice, I spent a lot of time researching all the tools and services – from electronic medical record and practice management tools to business bank account and website hosting. If you’re starting your own practice, or just looking to change from a provider you’re not satisfied with, here are the ones that have been working well for me! Please note, I may earn a small commission on purchases when you use my affiliate link or referral code.

practice better logo

Manage your practice with Practice Better

Practice Better is the all in one practice management software and EMR I use for my practice. You can easily take care of scheduling, booking, payments, invoicing, and client management all in one place. The Client Portal side is user-friendly as well - my clients can easily upload documents and labs, use Journals to track meals, access notes from past appointments, and send secure chat messages to me as their provider.

Having everything related to my practice all in one place makes things simple!

Want to give it a go? Try any paid plan free for 14 days with my affiliate link!

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Make meal planning a breeze with EatLove

As a dietitian one of things I get asked most often is - "do you make meal plans?" EatLove is a meal planning software solution that will ensure you don't feel stressed when you get this question!

Use EatLove to input a customized nutrient prescription taking into a account your patient's goals, allergies/avoidances, food preferences, eating habits, cooking skill level, time available to cook, and more.

Try it for free and get a $50 credit toward your EatLove membership with my referral code!

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Find updated and attractive education materials on RD2RD

Throw out those old, outdated, excessively photocopied handouts from 2005 and get all the up-to-date CKD educational materials you need right here. I pride myself on creating visually appealing and easy-to-understand patient education handouts and resources -- you'll love them, and so will your clients.

Visit my store on RD2RD today. Don't miss my free list of 20+ plant-based snack ideas for people with kidney disease!

Confidently help patients manage kidney stones with Dishing Out Prevention
Confidently help patients manage kidney stones with Dishing Out Prevention

10% of people will have a kidney stone at some point in their life. This is higher than the prevalence of diabetes or heart disease! Chances are, you have or will work with a patient who has kidney stones.

But if you’re like me, you probably didn’t learn a single thing about kidney stones in school! Nutrition plays a major role in stone prevention – that’s why I’m excited to share The Kidney Dietitian’s Dishing Out Prevention: Complete Kidney Stone Training for Registered Dietitians. The face behind The Kidney Dietitian is my friend Melanie Betz – a true expert in kidney stone nutrition (and one of VERY few dietitians who specialize in stones!).

By the way – when you sign up using my affiliate link I will ALSO send you five of my most-loved RD2RD handouts (CKD & Protein, CKD & Sodium, High and Low Sodium Foods for Kidney Disease, CKD & Potassium, and CKD & Phosphorus) – 100% for free. Please forward me your Dishing Out Prevention registration confirmation & I will send over your handouts.

Sign up for this one-of-a-kind program using the link below. I am an affiliate for this program & I make a small commission when you purchase through my affiliate link.

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Protect yourself and your business with insurance from Proliability

Do you do MNT with clients? You need professional liability insurance. I know this is boring and the odds are low of anything happening, but I'd say it's pretty darn important for you to protect yourself and your livelihood.

Sign up with Proliability ASAP if you're starting your nutrition practice. My policy runs me $299.00/year (that's just ~$25 per month, a small price to pay for peace of mind!). And take note, if you're an Academy member there are discounts available.

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Meet all your small business online banking needs with Novo

I use Novo for my online business banking needs! 

It's easy to get set up with a new account, send and receive payments, and manage your money. One of my favorite features is Novo Reserves, where you can automatically direct a percentage of your earnings to a Reserve where it's set aside - so helpful for tax season!

Open your new account with Novo and get a $40 deposit when you use my code.

chase business ink card

Make business purchases & get rewarded with Chase Ink Business

I have always been happy with my Chase Sapphire Preferred card for personal use, and Chase Ink Business is the perfect fit for my business needs!

Chase has always impressed me with their excellent customer service, and they offer awesome cash back rewards too. The best part is that any points earned on your business Chase card can be transferred to your personal Chase card (or travel partners like Southwest) for use however you wish. 

Chase Ink Business Unlimited and Chase Ink Business Cash cards have $0 annual fee, and the Chase Ink Business Preferred has a $95 annual fee. 

Get to it, open your Chase Ink Business account today!

Square logo

Process payments seamlessly with Square

Are you selling goods or services online? You need a payment processor, and Square fits the bill for my needs. It syncs up with my EMR (Practice Better) and routes payments right to my business bank account (Novo).

With Square you'll pay 3.5% + $0.15 per transaction, but use my invitation to try Square and you can choose between free processing on your first $1,000 in sales (within 180 days), or get $20 off Square Reader for contactless and chip.

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Get a domain, custom email, and storage with Google Workspace

If you're like me, it's likely you're already using Gmail for your personal emails needs. With Google Workspace, my custom business email operates via the usual Gmail platform I'm familiar with. Google Workspace also offer 100+ person video meetings, plus 30+ GB storage depending on the plan you choose.

Try Google Workspace and use the below codes to save 10% on your first year with either the Business Starter or Business Standard plan.

Business Starter code: V33YNAPUWGKN3HJ
Business Standard code: CAT3GVW6JW6GLJQ

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Host your website stress-free with Bigscoots

My website is hosted by BigScoots. As a virtual dietitian, you never wanna have to worry about your web presence going dark, and with BigScoots you're safe.

Why else host with BigScoots? They have EXCELLENT customer support, and with their managed WordPress plan you'll get free site backups, website staging, and more. Check out the rest of their benefits at the link below. I use their Shared Hosting plan which costs $7.95/month.  

Oh, by the way. . .

If the idea of building a website from scratch is a big ‘ol “nope” for you, I can help with that!

I built this very site myself, and I can make one for you too. Please take a look here to get started. 

laptop and desktop computer on desk
elementor logo

Build a great website with Elementor

Elementor is a website builder for WordPress sites, like this one! My entire website was built and designed by me using Elementor's drag & drop website builder.

Get Elementor to build your WordPress site for $59 per year.

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Ensure your website is ADA complaint with AccessiBe

See the little guy down in the corner of my site? That's my accessibility widget. accessiBe is an AI-based application that optimizes a website's accessibility for millions of people with disabilities.

And while you may be seeing accessibility widgets on more and more sites, accessibility is about MORE than just on-page adjustments to text size, contrast, and so forth. accessiBe actually runs in the background of my website and remediates the website’s HTML, adapting its functionality and behavior for screen-readers used by blind users, and for keyboard functions used by individuals with motor impairments.

In addition to complying with the law and simply doing the right thing, accessible websites enjoy increased traffic, reduced bounce rates, improved SEO rankings, and better conversion rates. An accessible website means that you’re making it easier for people to find your website!

accessiBe costs $49/month or $490 annually. You are also eligible to receive a tax credit for taking steps to ensure your site is ADA compliant. Use my referral link below to try it free for 1 week.

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Create your email list and more with ConvertKit

An email list is a great way to build an audience and spread the word about your services. ConvertKit makes it easy to build your list and send targeted emails to your subscribers based on tags. Did you notice the pop-up when you opened this website asking if you wanted a free handout? Yup, that's ConvertKit!You can also use ConvertKit to create a landing page or lead magnet, or use it to sell subscriptions or digital downloads.

Use my referral link to try ConvertKit free for 14 days, then, I suggest their Creator plan for $9 per month, which lets you take advantage of powerful tools like automated email sequences.