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Kidney Nutrition Foundations Course

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Kidney Nutrition Foundations

Confused person shrugging

“I was told I have kidney disease, and now I have no idea what to eat.”

Unfortunately, as a renal dietitian, I hear this far too often. A common approach with CKD is to simply put you on a blood pressure medication and then just “monitor.”

But doesn’t it seem like there’s gotta be something more?

You’d be right. And with the Kidney Nutrition Foundations course, I aim to provide the information you SHOULD have gotten at your doctor’s office – so you can start making the changes necessary to prevent further damage and preserve the health of your kidneys.

What's covered in this course:

Learn all about these fascinating organs – what they do, why they sometimes stop working properly, and what other problems can arise when kidney function is impaired.
In this section, you’ll get an in-depth primer on these two VERY important nutrients to know for CKD – sodium and protein. And if you’ve ever wondered exactly how much of these nutrients you need? We’ll address that!
Time to chat about all things potassium and phosphorus. Do you REALLY have to avoid foods like beans & nuts with CKD? I’ll break it all down for you & address all the myths.
Have you heard that eating “plant-based” is good for the kidneys? This week, you’ll learn about why this is. Plus, how to actually start eating more plant foods!
Time to take what you’ve learned about nutrients and plants, and figure out what you should *actually* be eating! I’ll provide a no-nonsense framework you can use to plan your meals. Also included are several example meal plans.
What about dining out? Travel? I think it’s SO important that you continue to enjoy your foods & maintain a healthy relationship with what you eat. This final week will sum up strategies to navigate special situations (aka… life!).
Ever been told you shouldn’t exercise or lift weights with CKD? That’s a big old myth! In this BONUS lesson I’ll share the actual science on exercise and CKD.
If you have both diabetes and CKD, you might be feeling like it’s impossible to eat right for both conditions. I assure you – it’s NOT impossible! In this bonus lesson you’ll learn how to *actually* eat right for both diabetes and CKD.

fyi –

Nutrition Does Make a Difference for CKD

Were you told “nutrition doesn’t really matter” for the kidneys?

If so… and if that sounded a little fishy to you… 🤔  you’re in the right place!

What good nutrition for the kidneys helps with:

... and most importantly...

When you finally understand how to eat for better kidney health, you’ll stop feeling stressed about every food decision, stop spending hours on Google, and regain a sense of freedom and control over your health.

That's priceless.

With Kidney Nutrition Foundations you'll get...

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