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Individual Appointments

Individual Appointments

How it works

Let’s get your kidney nutrition on track! Work with a Board Certified Renal Dietitian on a personalized plan to manage kidney disease or other concerns such as kidney stones, post-transplant nutrition, or post-nephrectomy nutrition. Option for follow-ups as needed.

Stop just guessing what to eat and start feeling confident you're on the right track.

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Review the FAQ below

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If using insurance, call to verify your benefits

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Book your initial consultation!


Please review this FAQ in full before booking your appointment!

As many of my patients have said, “seeing a dietitian is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.”

If you’re confused or overwhelmed with managing the nutrition aspect of CKD, a kidney dietitian can assist you in figuring out what’s actually the best diet for you. No more Google searching, wondering if you’ve got it right or not. You don’t have to do it alone.

I am a Certified Specialist in Renal Nutrition (CSR), meaning I am Board Certified to provide nutrition care for people with kidney disease. For 7+ years I have worked with this population exclusively as well as passing a national board exam, so I know the unique challenges of kidney disease in and out. Learn more about me here.

Unfortunately, there is lots of outdated information out there, so you can be assured that by working with me you’ll be getting the most accurate and up-to-date information that will truly be a game changer for your kidney health.

I’ve met too many patients who were following an overly restrictive diet (or just plain confused!) after getting outdated info on what to eat for kidney health. I can promise you I will never lead you astray!

As a new client, you’ll need to go into this process expecting that it will take some time to feel comfortable with your new habits, and know that it will likely take some time to see significant changes in your lab results.

Many of my clients do report improved energy levels within the first few weeks, and most will soon report improved confidence in their food choices as well. My clients also typically experience improved labs, such as a lower creatinine, improved GFR, better control of potassium and phosphorus, better blood pressure control, and improved blood sugar levels.

Many of my clients have also made great process towards their weight goals – either weight loss or gain.

Most patients should plan to meet with me at least 3 times: 1 Initial Appointment (75 minutes) and 2 Follow-Ups (30 minutes). Each person’s needs are individualized, so at the end of our first appointment, we will discuss what sort of ongoing support is needed.

I accept Medicare, BCBS Medicare Advantage, and Blue Cross Blue Shield. If you plan to use Original Medicare, please read this page instead.

Planning to use commercial insurance? You’ll need to start by verifying your benefits. Below, I have a script you can follow when calling your insurance company.

Don’t have BCBS? I also accept self-pay and HSA/FSA for appointments. Initial sessions are $247 and follow-ups are $97. For patients with financial hardships, I’m happy to offer equitable out-of-pocket pricing options. I can also provide a Superbill (receipt) after our appointment that you can submit to your own insurance for possible reimbursement. Reimbursement is not guaranteed.

Absolutely! The right kidney nutrition plan for you needs to be tailored to YOUR unique needs – including your personal lab results.

Upon booking your appointment, you’ll get an invitation to join my Patient Portal. Inside the portal, you will complete several items of new patient paperwork. You can also upload labs or any other documents for me to review before we meet. 

Verify Benefits

Call your insurance using the below script to ensure your appointment is covered.

Note: you may still be responsible for out of pocket costs such as co-pays or late cancellation/no-show fees.

Book Consult

Please select one of the options below to view my booking calendar and schedule your initial appointment!

Please note that a credit card on file is required to book ANY appointment type. For insurance appointments, you will not be charged any fees at booking. For self-pay appointments, you must pay at the time of booking.

If you do NOT have BCBS or Original Medicare, please select the self-pay option.

Still have questions? Send me an email.