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I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Board Certified Specialist in Renal Nutrition based in Chicago, IL. By working with me in my signature program – The Kidney Vitality Method – you’ll learn how to thrive on a plant-forward diet, slow progression of kidney disease, and enjoy the foods you eat!

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    Diagnosed with kidney disease and feeling lost?

    I get it. Getting a new diagnosis is incredibly scary. And it’s just too easy to go down that rabbit hole of endless Google searches, worrying about all the unknowns, and feeling confused about the things you’re reading, or things people might be telling you.

    What you need to know is that there ARE steps you can take to improve your kidney health — so you can continue to live a fulfilling, enjoyable life full of all the things you love! You just need a personalized strategy & guidance on how to get there. That’s where I come in!

    What I Offer You

    Imagine your day going like this…

    After waking up feeling energized, you prepare your kidney-healthy breakfast with ease.

    You head out to grocery shop at your usual store (no need to go anywhere special), and your shopping trip is a breeze because you know exactly what to buy and what to look for on food labels.

    Your friend texts to invite you out to dinner this weekend, and you enthusiastically say “YES!” because you know you’ll be able to navigate the menu offerings at the restaurant.

    Your doctor calls with your latest blood work and you understand what all the numbers mean regarding your kidney health.. and you are THRILLED to hear about the increase in your eGFR!

    This can be your reality. I will help you get there!

    Expert Support

    Get the support you need in my signature program, The Kidney Vitality Method:

    • A 100% customized nutrition plan just for you, with simple action steps you can get started on right away
    • Daily education, accountability, & support from a Registered Dietitian & Board Certified Specialist in Renal Nutrition – with 5+ years experience working with kidney disease clients
    • Personalized guidance & feedback on your goals and progress every week as you work towards optimizing your kidney nutrition and getting to your best health
    • Weekly coaching calls for education and answers to all your questions in realtime
    • Private community of fellow learners for accountability, idea-sharing, and support
    • Resource library with 5+ hours of recorded content & exclusive downloads to enhance your knowledge on all things kidney nutrition
    • Options to receive additional 1:1 support via private coaching calls, chat support, and/or custom weekly meal plans (100% private coaching available as well if joining a community isn’t your thing)
    • Kidney friendly grocery list, sample meal plans, snack ideas, recipes, product recommendations, and more!

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